1. A milli shouts to the Mixed Management / Wedidit / RL Grime / Shlohmo family for hiring me to shoot both weekends of Coachella this year. It’s been a career goal of mine to document an artist’s Coachella experience, and I feel so blessed that the first time I did it was for two artists (and also Big Sean shout out Sean). 



    Coachella 2014
    Weekend 1


  3. crispy-signal asked: hey i am a photographer from hamburg/germany and i love your work! is it easy to make it in california and photography for a living? i am thinking about moving there:) do u have any tips? warmly, thank you, Carina

    ha no it’s not easy at all! it’s a constant struggle that you only live through because you can’t live without it. you have to work for free for a while to build up your clientele. most start-up photographers/directors here either have day jobs or wealthy families. i saved up a lot of money with other jobs before becoming a full time freelance photographer. it’s very very competitive out here but most people either don’t produce very good work or they don’t know how to sell themselves. if you can work and you can do it well, you’ll be fine.



    Coachella 2014
    Weekend 1


  5. santee selfie


  6. I’m in London for now TTYL


  7. Borgore


  8. London

    This club was so groggy and sweaty that there was a literal mist in the air.

    Excited to go back next week :)


  9. i’ll be photographing at sxsw again this year but aaaaalso DJing for the first time hope 2 see u

    (Source: immigredjs)


  10. My photo of Ryan is now a wearable limited edish sold out swag princess tee thanks to Cool Shirtz <3



  12. PURPLE // D33J // C.Z.

    Rooftop at the Standard Hotel DTLA


  13. RL Grime


  14. Hot Sugar


  15. Charli XCX

    For The Pop Manifesto

    I’ve had this in my drafts for a million years ha whoops.